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Join Charles Rotramel and Gregg Taylor for the reClaimed podcast. Conversations that shed hopeful light on challenging subjects and social justice issues. 

Aug 3, 2018

In Part 4 of Redlining & White Noise, a conversation with Reginald Moore about 95 Bodies & Convict-Leasing. A former correctional officer with the Texas Department of Corrections, Reggie has spent years uncovering the dehumanizing policies and practices of convict-leasing, which began in the years of Reconstruction. He has discovered the remains of 95 bodies buried beneath the soil of the proposed site of a new school in Sugar Land, Texas. Reggie works tirelessly to represent their voices and seek accountability for what happened.

The 95 bodies are a small percentage of the more than 3500 black Texans who were exploited and died in the convict leasing system between 1866 and 1912.

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